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Lisette Peña, es Esposa, Madre, Hermana, Tia, Madrina, Amiga y Partera. She is blessed to mother 5 children through life’s seasons. 


She is inspired and moved by the innate wisdom, mystery, sacredness and magic of the birthing body.


Her passion is supporting people to understand the mental, emotional and physical aspects our bodies and minds hold and how they relate to our inner well being and utmost good.


Lisette’s professional experience has been with victims of trauma, child protective services and early childhood development. She is Spanish speaking and holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work for over 22 yrs. 


Her passions and seasons of mothering have moved her into birthwork after her c-section with her second child for a breech presentation. Her experience of not being offered options or true informed consent motivated her to never allow another person to feel disempowered. This lead her to having 3 successful VBAC homebirths, become a birth keeper, doula, hypnotherapist and yoga instructor for over 18 yrs. The past 3 yrs she is humbled to walk with families as a Certified Practicing Midwife in AZ and A Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner supporting families through their prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum journeys.

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